Michael Bot
(UK) Registered Paramedic Bsc (Hons) McPara, PGCE, FHEA, QTLS, Founder / Trustee

Michael is a UK-registered paramedic with over 10 years of experience in the emergency healthcare & education setting. He has worked as a frontline paramedic, paramedic mentor. education and training officer and university lecturer. He currently holds a Diploma in Education and Training and is a Qualified UK teacher, holding Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills Status (QTLS).

His current job role involves working as a Clinical Lecturer on a paramedic degree programme in a UK university. He also continues to educate first responders, mentors newly qualified paramedics and associated healthcare professionals.

Evans Oduor
Eastern Africa Paramedic - PArtner

Evans is a registered African paramedic. He has been a paramedic in Kenya over 11 years. He has extensive experience teaching volunteers and responding to rural emergencies whilst applying high-quality prehospital care and emergency care.

He is the founder of EMRV and part of CHEAR ME Kenya. Both organisations work closely to develop prehospital care in rural parts of Mombasa and Eastern Africa. Evans works closely with PHCAW to help achieve his and his organisational aims. 

Adam, Trustee & Paramedic

Adam Williamson
(UK) Registered Paramedic DipHE MCPara, MInstLM Founder / Trustee

Adam is a UK registered paramedic with over 10years experience in Prehospital Care. He has worked both in an emergency ambulance healthcare setting, & in his current role as a resuscitation officer within a UK hospital.

His current role involves attending emergencies within a hospital and out of hospital setting and resuscitation education to a range of registered and associated health professionals.

He is a UK Resuscitation council Advanced Life Support provider and trainer, qualifying as a CIC Instructor. He teaches Advanced Life Support (ALS) , Paedatric Life Support (PALS), Newborn Life Support (NLS) and other associated courses. 

Joss, Trustee & Paramedic

Joss Minterne
(UK) Register Paramedic BSc (HONS) MCPARA, PGCE, FHEA, Trustee

Joss is a UK registered paramedic with several years of experience in the emergency healthcare & education setting. He has worked as a frontline paramedic, paramedic mentor and is a search and rescue team leader with a UK search and rescue team.

His current job role involves working as a clinical lecturer on a paramedic degree programme in a UK university. In addition to this he is the clinical lead for a UK SAR organisation based in the eastern region of the UK.


Teaching staff

Eleanor Williamson
Intensive Care Nurse & Student Midwife

Eleanor is a registered nurse (RN) who has several years experience of working in hospital secondary care. She has worked in a specialist Royal Regional Intensive Care facility and has significant experience in managing the most unwell people who present to secondary intensive care. Developing her skills further Eleanor is now training to become a registered midwife. 

Diana Raquel Dias Domingues
Senior Therapy Radiographer

Diana is a Senior Therapy Radiographer, who has significant experience working in therapeutic radiography for a major NHS Hospital. 

She has significant experience managing patients with cancer and mentoring other radiographers. 


Partner organisations


Emergency medical response volunteers Kenya, was founded by the Mombasa paramedic Evans Lucas Odour. He is a good friend of Prehospital Care & Aid Worldwide and we have worked in partnership for several years. Both in education and donation of medical equipment. 

It is the mission of emergency medical response volunteers to be pioneers of community prehospital care in Mombasa. Mombasa and Africa as a whole have limited prehospital resources and ambulances. EMRV Strives to change this. 

They are committed to providing the highest quality critical, emergency, and non-emergency mobile healthcare to the community they serve by training members of the community and healthcare professionals to respond to emergencies where ambulances are not available. 

Trek Medics International is registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to improving access to emergency response networks in communities across the globe through innovative mobile phone technologies.

This is primarily through our Beacon Dispatch Platform. Every purchase of Beacon, directly supports colleagues around the globe with limited resources. 

Beacon is a emergency dispatch solution for organisations that alerts, tracks and coordinates responders using any mobile phone, with or without internet.


The Collaboration to Help East Africans Respond to Medical Emergencies (CHEAR ME) was launched in 2021 by charter members from Tanzania, Kenya and the US to support the systematic approach to community-based emergency medical services (EMS) development in East Africa through the exchange of ideas, information and experience.

While publicly-funded EMS systems do not exist across much of East Africa, many local communities continue to staff and manage their own volunteer emergency response systems. However, lack of recognition from national government leaders and competition from private ambulance services and well-funded hospitals and NGOs continues to hamper the growth and sustainability of publicly accessible and locally-managed emergency response services.

In an effort to overcome the fragmentation of community EMS programs and develop local standards of practice, leaders from several East Africa EMS agencies came together to launch CHEAR ME.

Prehospital Care & Aid Worldwide started to support this programme with the introduction of the International Medical First Responder programme. We continue to foster relationships with CHEAR ME to better improve responses to emergencies.   



Tanzania Rural Health Movement works to establish model healthcare services by continually providing and improving innovative hands-on medical services in all its endeavours in Tanzania.

Tanzania Rural Health Movement aspires to become excellent in the provision of equal healthcare services to underserved communities, so people all over Tanzania can live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Our current involvement with T.R.H.M is in its infancy. But we are working to introduce our International Medical First Responder Programme to all its participants. 


Response rescue international is a UK nationwide and international search, rescue and recovery team consisting of multiple units. Available to assist on an international stage. Teams are located across the UK and spread within Europe. 

Prehospital Care & Aid Worldwide forms part of this organisation structure and is predominantly focused on emergency and healthcare education. We are working closely with K9 Ntipdu Instructor John Miskelly a Search and rescue Dog handler located in Fife in Scotland. 

Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response  

Norfolk and Suffolk 4×4 response is a voluntary organisation providing 4×4 vehicle support to emergency services, councils, charities and other likeminded organisations. 

Suffolk 4×4 response has helped Prehospital Care & Aid Worldwide several times with the collection of donated medical equipment, refugee supplies and alike to support our ongoing projects and operations.