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Our history

Early Missions and Impact

From the outset, Prehospital Care and Aid Worldwide embarked on a mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing adversity. One of our earliest missions took us to the Jungle Camp in Calais, where we provided vital support to refugees in dire circumstances. This experience fuelled our commitment to global humanitarian efforts and set the stage for the impactful work that was to come.

As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, Prehospital Care and Aid Worldwide adapted to the evolving needs of emergency responders. We played a crucial role in providing online medical teaching to responders in Africa, ensuring that they were well-prepared to face the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. Our commitment to aiding those in need also extended to the UK, where we worked tirelessly to ensure the elderly and vulnerable had access to essential medication, food, and social interaction.


International Medical first responder course held in Mombasa, Kenya

Parts of the world this course has impacted. 


The International Medical First responder Programme is our most recent project and was set up and designed by all 3 of our UK registered paramedic trustees.

Using their paramedic and clinical education experience of over 10 years each, the course is designed to be taught over 2 days and comprised of 14 lecturers and several aspects of practical, group and individual study. 

It’s aimed at people with limited or no medical training and can be delivered across the globe. 

The content of the course includes 

  1. Team approach to emergencies. 
  2. Safety aspects to be considered at an emergency
  3. Primary survey skills and the A-E assessment 
  4. Hemorrhage control with the world-recognized STOP THE BLEED COURSE. 
  5. Environmental considerations 
  6. Emergency improvised splinting 
  7. Understanding of Clinical observations 
  8. Emergency Treatment of medical and traumatic emergencies 
  9. Basic Life Support and use of an automated external Defibrillator. 
  10. Optional Snake bite Lecture (Region Dependent) 

The course is developed using recognised UK & US clinical guidelines from organizations like the Resuscitation Council UK, NHS, STOP THE BLEED & St Johns Ambulance. 

The 2-day course was first taught in Mombasa, Kenya in association with our partner agency Emergency Medical Response Volunteers in November 2022. 

To help us grow and develop this course, please donate via this link: Alternatively, if you are a health professional and would like to contribute to this course please get in contact! 



Our EMS mission based in Kenya, Africa revolves around remote medical training. The remote training course was completed by Zoom or Microsoft teams on a by-weekly basis during the covid-19 pandemic when travel was not permitted. We developed a bespoke course to meet the needs of a cohort of responders in the most rural parts of Kenya. These teams have limited access to medical resources and limited access to effective Pre-hospital care tools. Our training will aim to develop these responders to save lives in the future. We also send aid and equipment to these areas to help save lives in the future.


ems development east africa

First aid course held in kenya
International Medical first responder course held in Mombasa, Kenya
International Medical first responder course held in Mombasa, Kenya
Kenya Training


We along with EMRV and CHEAR ME Kenya are helping to develop emergency medical services in rural parts of Mombasa – East Africa. Most areas of this region have an extreme lack of emergency medical services for medical emergencies or traumatic injuries.

Along with medical training we are looking to purchase emergency vehicles. We have already donated vast amounts of medical equipment and remote medical training where possible. 

EMRV are committed to reducing preventable death and disability by improving access to emergency care and at-risk and vulnerable populations. 

Our objective in this region is to support the medical response and training of the volunteers who attend medical emergencies. Currently, local people like taxi drivers, local shop owners and other volunteers are trained by us remotely and EMRV to respond to medical and traumatic emergencies. They are activated by a app-based system to attend to emergencies in their local community. All the responders are volunteers. 

Responders have responded to fires, cardiac arrests, collapsed people, traumatic cardiac arrests, serious road traffic collisions, diabetic emergencies amongst other emergencies.   

The program is spearheaded in Mombasa by a close partner of P.H.C.A.W Evans Oduor. He is a qualified African Paramedic. 

We are always looking for sponsors please do donate if you can help us in this region.  

zimbabwe medical clinic development

Donation to new Zimbabwe Clinic


A good friend of P.H.C.A.W Cheophas Chuma is starting and developing a medical clinic in Zimbabwe. After purchasing one of our older ambulance vehicles, P.H.C.A.W has developed a relationship supplying medical equipment on Cleo’s behalf. 

The ambulance was shipped to Africa full of medical equipment. This equipment was donated to Cleo’s organization and we thank each and every sponsor for their generous donations. We will continue to work with Cleo to help where we can. We also plan to visit and train his staff in future operations. 

So far we have sourced a resuscitation trolley, baby resuscitator, ultrasound machine, a multitude of medical consumables, and emergency medical bags amongst other vital medical equipment. 

European projects


Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine

AMBULANCE TO UKRAINE PROJECT 2023 #europeanprojects 

Continuing our efforts to support people in the war-torn country of Ukraine, we teamed up with several organisations to purpose-build frontline ambulances. 

Between April and May of 2023, we converted two ford transit vans into emergency ambulances. We also donated a ready-made 4×4 ambulance. These vehicles contained all the essential equipment needed to manage a range of medical and traumatic injuries and transport sick and injured people to definitive care. 

During these projects, we teamed up with Sunflower Scotland and Pickups for Peace who supplied the vehicles for us to convert. All three emergency vehicles left for Ukraine towards the end of May 2023 and were bound for the frontline of the war. 

Ambulances to ukraine 2022

Paramedics to Ukraine
Ambulances to ukraine project
Ambulances to ukraine project


The devastating impact of the 2022 conflict in Ukraine affected men, women and children around the globe. Following the invasion in February 2022. PHCAW between February 2022 and June 2022 raised over £5,000 and bought three ambulances and one rapid response car to send to Ukraine. 

On the 3rd of June 2022 those high-quality, fit-for-purpose, ambulances made their way through Europe into the Czech Republic finally arriving in Ukraine on the 7th of June 2022. The vehicles were driven by UK-Registered paramedics who gave up their own time to help. All four now work across Ukraine on various missions helping with the humanitarian relief effort. 

This would not have been possible without the support of our donors, volunteer paramedic drivers, individual supporters and the companies who supported us. 

Notable mentions include Steve Taylor and his Facebook community, the Oakhouse Restaurant Somerset, VMS Ipswich, Safeguard Medical Services (Wales), Polish Community Hub Ipswich Kesgrave Kitchen, Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response The Bull at Bacton, Oaks Barn, The Last Anchor, Moreton Hall, Aviva insurance services, Alan Boswell Insurance, Paramed CZ East of England Ambulance Service, Signs Express ltd and every single person who donated any money however big or small. 

In addition to delivering ambulances along with partners, we have donated a vast quantity of medical aid destined for Ukraine. This donated medical aid included wheelchairs, medical equipment and bags. Resuscitation equipment, and trauma equipment amongst other invaluable medical equipment to help save lives.



Along with partner agencies, generous donors and communities across the UK, we have donated a multitude of essential humanitarian items for Ukraine. We have collected and disrupted clothing, tinned food, baby clothing, children’s toys, minor medications, female hygiene products, blankets, sleeping bags and other vital items to refugee camps across Europe. These countries include Poland and Romania.  

We have also assisted in sorting and packaging supplies ready to be shipped over to Ukraine. For comparison, we have filled over 4 van size vehicles from floor to ceiling! It wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful global community support with monetary and supplies. 

european migrant crisis


This is P.H.C.A.W. founding mission. The European migrant crisis also known as the refugee crisis, is a period beginning in 2015. It’s centred around the rising numbers of people arriving in the European Union (EU) from across the Mediterranean Sea or overland through Southeast Europe. It is part of a pattern of increased immigration to Europe from other continents particularly worn torn countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan. Often the refugees travel with their young children and family seeking a better quality of life in less volatile countries.

Our engagement with the crisis begins in the “Jungle camp” in Calais, France. Where until recently the illegal camp was home to thousands of refugee’s. The camp had no access to clean water, clothing or medical aid. Most migrants lived in shacks made of scrap wood, & old carpet. Clean sanitary facilities were not available and migrants lived mostly in cramped conditions.

Founding members of the charity attended this camp and provided basic medical care and aid to the people who presented to them. Out of this experience our organisation was formed.


UK Projects

disabled support vehicle to st helena


St Helena is a British overseas territory off the coast of south-western Africa. Working in conjunction with SHAPE we supported the sourcing and delivery of a disabled passenger vehicle. 

SHAPE has a crucial role in supporting the island’s disabled and vulnerable adults who could face social exclusion. SHAPE provides supportive training opportunities through environmentally friendly projects.

Considering all the options available SHAPE and PHCAW collaborated and bought a London Black Taxi with wheelchair capability already installed. This vehicle will be used daily to support the venerable and disabled to travel around the island to things like appointments, day trips, work and alike. 

Find out more about SHAPE here: 

training support st helena government


St. Helena is part of the British overseas territory of St. Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha; Ascension Island is approximately 700 miles (1,100 km) to the northwest, and the island group of Tristan da Cunha is some 1,300 miles (2,100 km) to the south. 

Prehospital Care & Aid Worldwide became involved with St Helena when we were asked to provide some training materials to their health service to develop their emergency response activities on the island. We look forward to helping in future missions. 

stop the bleed course


We offer the officially recognized STOP THE BLEED® course by the American college of surgeons. This course is designed for members of the public with no previous medical experience to help in a bleeding emergency. For example a knife attack, industrial accident or another severe bleeding emergency.

Minutes count! Someone who is severely bleeding can bleed to death in as little as 5 minutes. That’s why bleeding control (Keeping the blood inside the body) is the purpose of STOP THE BLEED® training.

The STOP THE BLEED® course is taught over a couple of hours and is based on mostly practical exercises with some theory. 

All courses are taught by UK-registered paramedics. 

Talk to us today about this course! 

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covid-19 uk response


This was our first UK mission. Starting in the late part of 2019 into 2020. The corona virus started in Wuhan province of china. It’s a disease that quickly spread around the world and killed thousands. It has sent lots of countries into lock down and changed the way people interact, shop and think about disease control.

During this difficult time we helped deliver essential medications, food and provide support to vulnerable, elderly and isolated people. We thank all our volunteers throughout this busy period for their dedication and motivation to help. 

collection of used, quality medical devices

Used Medical Equipment Collection 

Prehospital Care and Aid worldwide are looking for out of date medical consumables, medical bags and all manner of medical equipment. Once enough is collected we’ll send them across the globe to emergency medical services, hospitals and outreach teams in 3rd world countries who are in desperate need of medical equipment.

We are particularly interested in :

  • Out-of-date emergency management equipment for example OPs, NPs, Igels, BVMs and alike.  
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment for example Blood pressure machines, SPO2 devices, ECG machines, stethoscopes, temperature probes and alike.
  • Stretchers, Scoops and patient maneuvering equipment.

The equipment donated will aid less well equipped emergency services around the globe, help with training or in some circumstances help us with global emergency and aid operations.

To date, we have sent donated items to the 2022 Ukraine Conflict, Eastern Africa where limited emergency medical services are available, St Helena medical services and the Calais refugee camps. 

We’d love to hear from you about your used equipment. Contact us today about donating your quality used equipment to us!

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