Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine
Ambulance built for ukraine


Continuing our efforts to support people in the war-torn country of Ukraine, we teamed up with several organisations to purpose-build frontline ambulances. 

Between April and May of 2023, we converted two ford transit vans into emergency ambulances. We also donated a ready-made 4×4 ambulance. These vehicles contained all the essential equipment needed to manage a range of medical and traumatic injuries and transport sick and injured people to definitive care. 

During these projects, we teamed up with Sunflower Scotland and Pickups for Peace who supplied the vehicles for us to convert. All three emergency vehicles left for Ukraine towards the end of May 2023 and were bound for the frontline of the war. 

Ambulances to ukraine 2022

Paramedics to Ukraine
Ambulances to ukraine project
Ambulances to ukraine project


The devastating impact of the 2022 conflict in Ukraine affected men, women and children around the globe. Following the invasion in February 2022. PHCAW between February 2022 and June 2022 raised over £5,000 and bought three ambulances and one rapid response car to send to Ukraine. 

On the 3rd of June 2022 those high-quality, fit-for-purpose, ambulances made their way through Europe into the Czech Republic finally arriving in Ukraine on the 7th of June 2022. The vehicles were driven by UK-Registered paramedics who gave up their own time to help. All four now work across Ukraine on various missions helping with the humanitarian relief effort. 

This would not have been possible without the support of our donors, volunteer paramedic drivers, individual supporters and the companies who supported us. 

Notable mentions include Steve Taylor and his Facebook community, the Oakhouse Restaurant Somerset, VMS Ipswich, Safeguard Medical Services (Wales), Polish Community Hub Ipswich Kesgrave Kitchen, Norfolk & Suffolk 4×4 Response The Bull at Bacton, Oaks Barn, The Last Anchor, Moreton Hall, Aviva insurance services, Alan Boswell Insurance, Paramed CZ East of England Ambulance Service, Signs Express ltd and every single person who donated any money however big or small. 

In addition to delivering ambulances along with partners, we have donated a vast quantity of medical aid destined for Ukraine. This donated medical aid included wheelchairs, medical equipment and bags. Resuscitation equipment, and trauma equipment amongst other invaluable medical equipment to help save lives.



Along with partner agencies, generous donors and communities across the UK, we have donated a multitude of essential humanitarian items for Ukraine. We have collected and disrupted clothing, tinned food, baby clothing, children’s toys, minor medications, female hygiene products, blankets, sleeping bags and other vital items to refugee camps across Europe. These countries include Poland and Romania.  

We have also assisted in sorting and packaging supplies ready to be shipped over to Ukraine. For comparison, we have filled over 4 van size vehicles from floor to ceiling! It wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful global community support with monetary and supplies.